This world and everything in it is the property or the energy of the Supreme Energetic.
But unfortunately most of us have forgotten the connection between ourselves, the world and the Lord.
We falsely identify ourselves with the material body we temporarily live in,
and due to our identifying with matter, we seek fulfillment in the material world.
Thus, we falsely lay claim to God’s property and endlessly compete to exploit each other and the environment.
This continuous exploitation makes our hearts harder and harder
and it is thus a great rarity for a person in this world to feel real love and compassion.
Therefore, kindness is rare, friendship is rare, honesty is rare, and simplicity is rare
and happiness and humility are rare.
But fear is not rare, nor is international, interracial, interfaith, and intersexual warfare.
But bitterness is of no necessity.
There can be a new society.
But the outer can change only by changing the inner.
The nature of our place of residence is determined by the nature of our mentality or consciousness.
Thus, our destiny is in our own hands.

– Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda