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In this video lecture series, Acharya Das examines the Vedic system of learning, especially the important relationship between the guru and disciple.

Part 1: The Vedic System Of Learning

Although in the modern world, with its strong drive for independence, many may find the concept of having a guru undesirable, in the ancient Vedic culture, this tradition of guru-disciple relationship was considered not only very natural, but also very necessary for an individual to be able to traverse life in a way in which they will find true meaning and a great deal of personal benefit. Indeed, a person without a guru was considered as being like a boat without a rudder at the mercy of the wind and currents.

Part 2: Considering & Evaluating Knowledge

Acharya Das examines the characteristics of a qualified teacher or guru. In the Vedic system of learning, accepting a guru is considered to be a very serious undertaking and the relationship between guru and disciple is not to be entered into lightly. A guru should never be accepted blindly. Hear about the analysis and careful thoughtfulness required to be able to find a genuine yoga guru.

Part 3: Qualities Of A Genuine Yoga Guru

Acharya Das explores the characteristics of a genuine yoga guru as well as the motivation behind their teachings.

Part 4: Embracing Personal Responsibility

When considering accepting a guru or spiritual teacher, one common concern that people have is the issue of exploitation. This talk discusses the issue of exploitation in the teacher/disciple relationship and also raises the extremely important topic of personal responsibility in spiritual life.

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