In the attempt to come to know who I really am (self-realization), it is necessary to answer three questions: 1) What is my essence? 2) What is my position? – meaning where do I fit in the big picture, and 3) What is my natural function?

Who Am I Really?

In this talk, we explore how “you” are an eternal spiritual being, separate from, but residing within, the physical body and covered by the mind. To come to appreciate this reality is a huge thing and will completely alter how we see “ourselves”, others, and the world.

In the talk, there is a mention of Silent Witness Meditation. You can practice the meditation here: Video link Audio link

Where Do I Fit?

Since time immemorial people have struggled with material nature, seeking to dominate, own, and control the Earth and its resources. We have similarly sought to control, dominate, and even own, others.

While desiring to be in control, all people never-the-less experience how we tend to be controlled by our mind, with its infinite desires and wants, and even by our physical body, especially noticeable when it is sick or as it grows old.

We desire freedom, to do whatever we want, whenever we want, and in many ways to be “number one”, to be supreme, but this is also a losing battle.

We can experience harmony and peacefulness when we are able to realize our true position, or where we fit (as eternal spiritual beings) in the big picture.

What Is My Higher Purpose?

Everyone wonders if they have some higher purpose. The answer is yes and the quest to discover it takes us on an amazing journey. A significant part of our seeking self-realization, is to find an answer to the question “what is the natural and eternal function of the soul itself?”

The answer is tied to the need we all have to both love and to be loved. This need arises from our deeper self and is a spiritual need. It cannot be completely and unlimitedly fulfilled through the material world or material relationships. It is after all completely spiritual.

The awakening of spiritual love is our higher purpose and is the ultimate spiritual experience.

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