In the world today there appears to be a great rarity of real love and compassion. We experience a lack of kindness and friendship, a scarcity of  honesty and simplicity. True happiness and humility are rare. But fear is not rare, nor is international, interracial, interfaith, and intersexual conflict and it becomes all too easy to be overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness.

What can the wisdom of yoga teach us about the personal steps we can take to make a positive contribution to those around us and the world we live in? Please join in as the Science of Identity Foundation presents this four-part series during live streaming one-hour broadcasts. Discover the way to true peace and happiness, plus take part in beautiful and moving mantra meditation as Acharya Das leads us through kirtan.

Part 1: Be A Force For Good

It’s easy to lose hope for the future when all you see in the news is conflict, violence, anger, fear and suffering. Instead of feeling helpless, learn how you can become someone who can bring about positive change and be a force for good. With knowledge and wisdom, all of us can help to make the world a better, more compassionate place.


Part 2: How To End Racism & Bigotry

One of the most divisive issues facing the world today is bigotry and racism. Race riots, shootings, bullying and discrimination are becoming increasingly common. What does the wisdom of yoga have to teach us about the things that divide us? Are we destined to be forever divided by race, ethnicity, religion, etc. or can we end racism and bigotry and bring about peace and harmony?


Part 3: Is Envy Stealing Your Happiness?

Do you feel dissatisfied when you compare your life to other people’s lives? Instagram feeds are famously full of the shiny, happy pictures of other people’s perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect life… and not to mention their perfectly executed yoga poses in exotic locations. When we compare ourselves to people with more money, fame, beauty, talent, personality, luck, and so on, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with feelings of discontent or envy. But this tendency to compare ourselves with others is incredibly destructive and keeps us from experiencing inner peace and happiness. How can envy and frustration be removed once and for all, setting us free and allowing us to live a truly happy life?


Part 4: A Spiritual Approach to Economic and Environmental Problems

Not a day passes without another news headline informing us of dire global environmental and economic crises. Our concern about climate change, deadly air pollution and rapid deforestation conflicts with the increasing demand for fuel, resources and space for farming and housing. Too often it seems that environmental and the economic issues are in direct opposition to each other. How can we walk the path between ensuring that everyone has access to adequate resources while protecting and conserving the natural environment which sustains us?

Q&A On Becoming A Force For Good In The World

Thank you for joining us for the series “Becoming A Force For Good In The World”. Over the course of the series, many viewers had very interesting and relevant questions so we set up this special Q&A session to explore some of those questions further.