Our life in this world is full of fear – fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear we won’t get what we long for, fear we’ll lose what we have, fear of death, fear of life – but it doesn’t need to be. With the light of yoga wisdom you can live a fearless life.

Live Free From Fear And Anxiety

Jagad Guru: Sometimes a person may lay awake in bed at night feeling afraid and anxious for dawn to appear.

Imagine how fearful it would be to be floating in the ocean on a moonless night. Darkness would surround us on all sides, including the deep, black sea beneath. Struggling to keep afloat, and fearful of sharks, our heart rate would certainly escalate every time even the tiniest of fish would brush up against our feet. It would feel like the longest night of one’s life.

This experience is compared to living in this world; swimming in the middle of the ocean, trying to stay afloat and not go under. Because it is dark, we can’t see the waves coming until they suddenly slap us in the face. Slap. Slap. Slap. This is the material world where we are full of anxieties and fear; fear of death, fear of life, fear of failure, fear that we won’t get what we want, fear that we’ll lose what we have, fear of everything.

But as soon as a little bit of light appears on the horizon, we start to feel some relief. “Oh, thankfully the darkness is about to end.” We are feeling some relief already even though it will be some time before the sun globe itself actually appears. As the sun rays begin to shed more light, we can start to see our self and our surroundings. We begin to see, “Oh, there are no sharks here.”

And then as the sun rises closer to the horizon, we begin to see everything clearly and we realize we’re not in a large ocean at all. We are just in a swimming pool! And now knowing where we are, our fears are gone. We don’t even need to swim to the edge of the pool. We just float there without anxiety. Just from the dim reflection of the rising sun, we can see our true self and are liberated from the fear of darkness.

Similarly, by the dim reflection of the rays of the Transcendental Sound, a person can come to know his true identity and be liberated from the fears of this world. The yogis teach:

“Simply by the dim reflection of sunlight, one becomes liberated. Likewise, simply by the dim reflection of the Transcendental Sound, one becomes liberated.”

But this liberation from fear and anxiety is just the beginning of the benefits of these transcendental sounds.

Just as when the sun globe itself appears above the horizon and we begin to realize the full benefits—the warmth of its rays—so, too, when the sun of the Transcendental Sound arises in a your heart, you gradually begin to realize the full benefits of the rays of spiritual love.

Bathe in the warmth and comfort of pure Transcendental Sound as sung by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda and Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad.