The goal of all yoga processes is to lead one to a correct understanding of what is–and to apply that correct understanding in life.

Unlike religion, in which an individual may believe or not believe in something (regardless of its truth or untruth), the process of yoga is one that allows a person to experience direct perception of the absolute truth. In other words, it is a science, and as a science it is a quest to understand or know the truth as it is—regardless of whether the yoga practitioner wants to believe that truth or not. True understanding of the nature of things and their actual relationships is known as self-realization. Acting on the basis of that self-realization is known as wisdom.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras state:

“Incorrect knowledge formed about something, which is not based on its true nature, is called false understanding (misconception).”

Various yoga processes, including asanas, pranayama, meditation, etc., are meant to remove such misconceptions.

According to Patanjali:

“The sources of correct understanding are direct perception, inference, and the words (written or spoken) of self-realized authorities.”

The yogi, like the modern scientist, employs the laws of logic and observation, but does not limit his search for the truth only to that which is outside of himself. His scientific research also involves inner work—for example, observation of and learning about the nature of his mind, his behavior, his actions, etc.

The Science of Identity Foundation exists specifically to assist individuals who want to know the truth of their identity (their true essence and their relationship to the physical body, the mind, etc.) to realize the actual purpose of their life and where actual happiness is found.

This path of self-discovery is an individual one. It is not a team effort. As such, every one of us will have our own unique level of understanding or realization of truth as we individually progress along this path. The Science of Identity Foundation thus seeks to support this individual and personal path rather than providing seekers with a sense of belonging to any group or organization. Those seeking satisfaction or fulfillment from group membership should understand that the Science of Identity Foundation does not provide that.